My postdoctoral research

For my postdoctoral work at Boston University, I’m rebuilding/updating our lab’s diffusion MRI analysis pipeline in the Python language (see publications in preparation) and have also been involved in a paper generating functional regions-of-interest (ROIs) for MRI studies of speech production (see recently published paper by Tourville et al. below). You can find a recently updated version of my CV here.


Masapollo, M., Segawa, J., Heyne, M., Beal, D., Tourville, J.A., Nieto-Castañón, A. & Guenther, F.H. (in preparation). An fMRI study of speech motor sequence learning in adults who stutter.

Heyne, M., Segawa, J., Tourville, J.A., Manoach, D., & Guenther, F.H. (in preparation). White matter structure in the speech network of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

Heyne, M. & Derrick, D. (in preparation). Sub-phonemic influences on New Zealand English schwa production.

Tourville, J. A., Nieto-Castañón, A., Heyne, M., & Guenther, F. H. (2019). Functional parcellation of the speech production cortex. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 62(8S): 3055–3070.

Iltis, P. W., Heyne, M., Frahm, J., Voit, D., Joseph, A., Atlas, L. (2019). Simultaneous dual-plane, real-time magnetic resonance imaging of oral cavity movements in advanced trombone players. Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery.

Presentations (incl. posters)

Heyne, M. (2019). Investigating structural connectivity of the speech production network in persons with normal and disordered speech. Talk presented at the Speech Neurophysiology Lab, University of Michigan, September 2019.

Heyne, M., Iltis, P. W., Frahm, J., Voit, D., Joseph, A., & Atlas, L. (2019). Simultaneous dual-plane, real-time magnetic resonance imaging videos of the vocal tract in advanced trombone players show a close coupling of movements measured in different planes. Talk presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC), New York University, August 2019.

Derrick, D., Heyne, M., O’Beirne, G., Hay, J. (2019). Aero-tactile integration in Mandarin. Poster presented at the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS). Melbourne, Australia, August 2019.

Heyne, M., Al-Tamimi, J., & Derrick, D. (2019). Using Generalized Additive (Mixed) Models to uncover novel patterns of speech production and account for unknown by-group variation. Poster presented at the 2019 Boston Speech Motor Control Symposium, Boston University, June 21, 2019.

Heyne, M. (2019). Evidence of native language influence on brass instrument performance: Advanced statistics using generalized additive models suggest the transfer of motor memory across different vocal tract activities. Talk presented at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Department of Otolaryngology, Harvard Medical School. April 2019.